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Hello and welcome my lovelies to theDword Spiritual Podcast!
This season, we are diving deep and talking all things spiritual.
It is time to awaken, illuminate and transform your life my lovely,
and I am blessed you have chosen me to be your guide.

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Making A Contribution to the Podcast:

Your support for the podcast is so greatly appreciated! As I do not have sponsored ads, and wish to keep it that way, I would be most grateful for your contribution. Every little bit helps!

Here is what you will be helping me to achieve:

* Upgrade of audio and video equipment.

* Streamline production processes through upgraded software and hosting capabilities.

*Podcast Editor/Assistant. Having an editing assistant would allow me to focus on creation. A 1-hour episode can take up to 2-3 hours of editing. I produce on average 8, 1-hour episodes per month, so this collectively will save me 16-24 hours. If I add a video component to the podcast, this adds an additional 2-3 hours of editing on top of the audio editing giving each 1 hour episode 4-6 hours of production (totaling 32-48 hours per month). 

How your contribution will help immediately:
* Monthly costs involved with the current platforms needed to record, produce, distribute and promote are an average of $80 per month. Without sponsors, this cost certainly adds up over the year.

(Approx $1000 per year)

Podcasting is certainly a passion of mine, and I have had such blessings in talking to so many listeners just like you from all over the world!

Did you know that theDword has been heard in every continent and in over 20 countries in less than 8 months?! Crazy right! 

If you would like to contribute, you may use the below link that will redirect you to my podcast's PayPal Me. Those who allow me to share their names will be recognized for their loving support below in the next section.

If you would be so kind as to allow a thank you, please include your first name, last initial (if you don't want your full name posted), and the country you're listening from.

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With Love & Graditude to theDword Contributors

* Susan .L. ~ New York, USA
* Anne-Marie .Z. ~ Ontario, Canada
* Lois & Nate .B. ~ Manchester, England
* Jon .S. ~ Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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