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Loving Testimonial

"I found myself being pulled to wanting something more. I also wanted to be able to enjoy life as much as I could! What stopped me from that was my anxiety and not trusting my inner self fully. Deanna has brought me closer to who I am. She gave me great knowledge in understanding the things I experience spiritually/Intuitively but had pushed down because I was afraid of the unknown. She made me feel safe, understood, and helped me get my inner power back and light shining. She’s kind, friendly, and truthful! I came out of her program with tailored tools to help me further on my path. I became happier, trusting of myself, and guided to my purpose. Highly recommend!"

- Chanel .W. - Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

Now Accepting Applications

Fall and Winter Applications are now open for the 3 Week and 8 Week Coaching Programs. Inquire below for more details on how you can work with Deanna today. Spots are limited.

Coaching Programs

I am so blessed to have been chosen to be your guide on this amazing journey!  

See below how I can awaken, illuminate & transform your life!

power path coaching (940 × 788 px).png

This is for you if you know WHAT you want to do, you just don’t know HOW to get to where you want to be. This will guide you for simple decisions; a career move, relationship guidance, or you have a few questions for me.

What to Expect:

In our 1-hour Zoom call, I will create an intuitive, tailored plan to kick-start your spiritual growth and solve that problem in your life. Let’s get you on the power path so you can reach your goals and supercharge your life!

$100 CAD / hr

life reboot.png

​For when life happens & you need a reset. This is for those who feel like they have veered off their path & have a deep desire to get back on point to reach their goals, bringing joy & peace back into their lives. Whatever has you taking the scenic route, grief, a divorce/separation, breakup, career/job change, financial stress, argument with family… I’ve got you hun!

What To Expect for the 3 Week Reboot:

*1 hr Zoom Coach Call ($100 value)

*Intuitive Tailored Plan with Weekly Content, Worksheets/workbooks. ($200 value)

*Weekly 1 hr Zoom Calls to keep you on track.  ($300 value)

*Private Facebook Group Support 

*Payment Plans Are Available

Total Value $600

$500 - Available: 3 equal payments of $166.

payment plan available. Must be paid by end of the week so we can start the next week. No extra fees added for payment plans. Reach out to me prior to booking if you require a payment plan.


Awaken, Illuminate & Transform! In this 8 week program, we will move through healing from your past that may be holding you back from achieving your spiritual greatness. I will show you how to take control over your own life, trust your intuititon every step of the way.


When we can access the parts of us that are carrying that excess energy, we can release it, and reprogram ourselves to step into higher density energy. This higher density energy allows us to move up out of the muck and reach our highest potentials. It allows us to find ourselves and feel we are living with purpose. We can obtain a clearer perspective of our lives and what we want to achieve. I help you see that and create a solid plan on how you can integrate this into your life and have the life your soul is destined for! - Now, remember, 8 weeks is a short time for change, but this extensive 8 weeks is to reveal, acknowledge and create a plan. Once you are through you will have the confidence to take control of your life and create amazing things!


What to Expect in the 8 Week Program:

*1 hour Zoom Coach Call ($100 value)

*Intuitive Tailored Plan with Weekly Content, Worksheets/workbooks. ($800 value)

*Weekly Voxer Access to ask me questions ($400 value)

*Bi-Weekly 1 hr Zoom Coaching Calls ($400 value) (4 in total over your 8 wks)

*An actionable Future Forecast to Keep You Moving Forward ($200 value)

*Payment Plans Are Available

Total Value $1900


Payment Plan Available:

1st Commitment Installment $300 with 4 equal payments every 2 weeks of $211.

Must be paid by due date so I can continue with your custom programming. No extra fees added for payment plans. Reach out to me prior to booking if you require a payment plan.


which one is best for you?

Sometimes we know we need direction, but don't know exactly WHAT we need. I understand this, and that is why I offer one FREE 30 MIN Discovery Call. In these calls, I listen to your story and chat about your future goals. I then have a clear idea of what you need and I can create a tailored plan that will show you how we can get you to where you want to be!


I DO NOT treat these as "sales calls". These are calls where you can comfortably confide in me to ask for direction. I simply will outline how I can make that possible. There is NO OBLIGATION to sign up or pressured sales tactics. It is my purpose to guide you and give you the tools you need to succeed - your personal and financial wellbeing is far more important to me than the "sale".

What you can expect:

Book your call below, and you will be contacted with details on your appointment. After our call, I send you a full report of our discussion along with my recommendations and outline of the direction I can provide. You then have the option to get started straight away and we get you enrolled in the program specially built for you!

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