Tarot Life Path Analysis

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Want to know what Major Arcana Tarot you are represented by based on your Life Path?

I have conducted many analyses over the years in partnering people with who they are in the tarot so they can manifest and harness the energy that is right there for them. I'm bringing this to you in an easy to access analysis. Find out below how it works!

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What is it and how you can benefit:


* By using your birthday, I pair you with who you are in the Tarot. The Major Arcana is the portion of the Tarot that explains the overall journey that the Fool takes on his way from new beginnings to reach his ultimate enlightenment. Want to know how your life path corresponds and what your soul wants you to learn in this incarnation? This reading is for you!


*I provide you with an MP3 audio of your Tarot Life Path Analysis which gives you a full description of the Tarot card and what key characteristics lead them to success by highlighting their and your strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses are a given with any life path, so we highlight them as a marker for what you can work on if you are feeling stuck or stagnant. These things make you who you are so we aren't about to change you - simply have you understand the energy that is available to you - that is your birthright - so you can move forward with confidence, power, and grace.


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