Readings & Healing Sessions

Psychic Tarot Reading

45 & 60 Min Sessions Available

45 Min $130 CAD
60 Min $150 CAD


How Tarot Can Help You:

*Uncover emotional, spiritual, mental blockages.
*Finding the strength to be you.
*How to overcome challenges associated with big life changes ex: leaving toxic relationships, quitting that horrible job, moving across the country.
*How to discover negative repeating patterns in your life and how to change them.

*Finding your confidence and purpose. 

*Searching for direction on future outcomes.

*Desire to learn more about yourself, what is holding you back, and how to break down those barriers so you can live your best life!

Akashic Record Readings

45 min Session $110

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Akashic Records are the energetic record of who you are past, present, and all futures! Although you can use the records to look at Past Life, I focus on THIS lifetime. I channel the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Akasha to deliver guidance for your highest good and highest light.

How the records can help:
* Why you have reoccurring experiences

* What your lessons are at this time and how you are going to move through and turn them into blessings!
* How to understand the past and what is meant to teach you.

Intuitive Healing & Reiki Session

30 Min Session $75CAD

60 Min Session $95 CAD

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With social distancing making it more difficult to access quality healing and care, I wanted to open up distance healing. Reiki is the process of aligning your energetic centers, chakras, for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health. Reiki is directed to areas of the body with the intent of healing and releasing ailments you may be struggling with.


Although I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master, I am a Natural Healer as well. What is a Natural Healer? I have the ability to experience what is going on in YOUR body through an intuitive process. I am able to feel issues with blood, nerves, digestive, muscles, brain function, scar tissue, emotional blockages, and more. NOTE: I am not a physician, and I do not diagnose health issues. Simply put, I tap in intuitively and notes are to be discussed with your health practitioner to pair beautifully with your existing health plan.

Mediumship Connection
60 Min Session $350 CAD

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Mediumship is the process of connecting with your loved ones who have passed to deliver their messages for love, guidance, and healing. I allow your loved ones to come through my energy, making the experience memorable for you, as you get their personality and mannerisms with accuracy and compassion.

How Mediumship Can Help You

I know the process of losing a loved one is difficult. Along with healing your grief, you may be dealing with uncertainly of how you will move on without them. Perhaps there are things left unsaid or there are questions around their final moments. I can help you find peace with their passing, knowing that you have the love and guidance as you move forward with your journey. Myself, having had four miscarriages, the loss of grandparents, aunts, uncles, I felt I did not have the closure I needed. I had many questions about the family and their final moments, and I am so blessed to not only KNOW they are there, but I get to talk to them regularly. The communication for you can bring you peace, healing, and understanding of who they were, why events in the past happened the way they did, and in some cases, the apology you so desperately wanted to hear when they were alive.

What I hear the most from clients is how they no longer worry about their loved ones. They know they are safe and at peace, and not because I say so, but because spirit shares intimate details of their lives that only you would know. The validation is outstanding and leaves you little doubt, turning many a skeptic into believers.

I have done many families and large group sessions and I love these events! The more the merrier! It is an opportunity for members of the family who are uncertain or are heavily grieving to be in a safe space to hear from your loved one (especially if it is their spouse or child who has passed) with the full love and support of the whole family with them. I share my story and why I do what I do. I also use humor and ensure that the room feels comfortable. I have come to the client’s homes for these sessions in the past, so make sure to ask me if I am able to travel to you.

It would be my honor to connect to your loved ones in spirit. If you would like to book your session, click the link below, or submit a request (also below) a family or large group session. If you are a business, group, or event planner and would like to host an event, please send me an email with details about your event or clientele and I will respond with my full schedule and quote. I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and Blessings,