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Courses & Workshops

I love to teach and share my knowledge with lovelies just like you! See what is available now, and keep coming back for future releases.

Tarot Card Deck
Learn Tarot Intermediate Class

April's Enrollment IS NOW FULL.
Please watch for next enrollment in the Fall.

Course Starts April 15th, 2022

I have so much packed into this course for you!

I will take you from a beginner to a wonderful reader who has the confidence to read for others.

I will be teaching in this Intermediate Tarot course in a way that no one

else teaches... I teach you tarot so you don't have to memorize a thing!


Sneak Peek at what you'll be learning:

Here's just SOME of what you will learn in this extensive course.

*Understanding & Controlling Empathic Energy (yours and your client/person you're reading)

*Deep Dive into the meanings, signs & symbols of both Major and Minor Arcana


*Tarot Combinations: Putting the full story together with accuracy.

*Color, Astrology, Numerology references in the tarot

*Creating your own business! My tips and how I built a successful business that I operate full time.

*Tips and Advice on doing readings at markets, expos, and more!


As always, it is my purpose to provide you the tools you need for love, guidance, and healing.

Tarot For Beginners:
Learn Tarot Without Memorizing A Thing!

Untitled design (2).png

This course is going to take you from never picking up a tarot deck to reading with confidence in no time! Would you believe me if I said I can teach you without memorizing a thing!

Tarot is an amazing tool to review many aspects of your life so you can move through your journey with greater knowledge and confidence. Have you ever felt frustrated with a situation where you weren't clear why you were going through it, or perhaps not sure how to overcome that challenge? What about the times you've asked family or friends for an opinion about a relationship, and was just told what you wanted to hear - leaving you feeling evermore stuck? Tarot can go in-depth into your career options, and financial opportunities as well! This guidance is divinely shown to you to help you on your journey. Our intention with the tarot is to seek answers and receive love, guidance, and healing in the process.

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