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Spiritual Medium, Gifted Psychic & Intuitive Healer, Certified Life Path & Spiritual Coach,

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We have incarnated here at this very time to experience an incredible and unique journey. It is time now for us to awaken and shift to our highest and best versions of ourselves. With my intuitive gifts and experience helping people from all over the world as a Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Healer, and my channelings from the Higher Council, I bring you a unique and special experience. It is my mission to awaken, illuminate, and transform your life. 

Experience & Qualifications:

ritual Medium

Sought After

Psychic Intuitive


Natural Intuitive



Life Path


Other Certifications:
 Reiki Master,
EFT/TFT Practitioner,
Crystal Healer

-Loving Testimonial From A Student of My 8 Week Spiritual Transformation Program

"I found myself being pulled to wanting something more. I also wanted to be able to enjoy life as much as I could! What stopped me from that was my anxiety and not trusting my inner self fully. Deanna has brought me closer to who I am. She gave me great knowledge in understanding the things I experience spiritually/Intuitively but had pushed down because I was afraid of the unknown. She made me feel safe, understood, and helped me get my inner power back and light shining. She’s kind, friendly, and truthful! I came out of her program with tailored tools to help me further on my path. I became happier, trusting of myself, and guided to my purpose. Highly recommend!"

- Chanel .W. - Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

Services Outline


Psychic Reading

45 & 60 Min Sessions via Phone & Zoom 

Tapping into her intuition, Deanna will walk you through your journey and show you what your higher self has to say about your inquiry. Whether it is improving your relationships, leaving that toxic environment, or simply what direction is best at this time... Deanna will help you see clearly.

Mediumship Connection

Ask about Family or Group Sessions

Connecting with your loved ones who have passed to deliver their messages of love, guidance, and healing. With compassion and admired accuracy, Deanna's connections are powerful and life-changing.

Akashic Record Session

45 Min Session via Phone & Zoom

The energetic record that exists in the Quantum Field that holds your story that you wrote for yourself upon incarnation into this timeline. We can observe your life path, purpose, healing from reoccurring events, and so much more!

Intuitive Healing Session

Distance Healing Available

Not only will you get the energy therapy of reiki, but Deanna is a natural intuitive healer. Giving her the ability to feel and experience what is going on in your body. By tapping into your spirit team she is able to explain the root cause of your ailments and not just band-aid your healing.


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