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Hello Beautiful Soul!

My name is Deanna Butcher

As many returning lovelies will notice, I have reduced my pricing to accommodate the trying times that many are facing around the world, while maintaining the integrity of the services themselves. I also am going through an amazing, long awaited transition in my own life!

It is all coming forward with NEW, LOVING and HEALING ENERGY.

As always, I set loving intent to guide you gently through your healing and show you the power within you so you can step into the highest and best version of yourself. Let's get started!



We are here at this time to increase the vibration of Earth collectively though healing our souls and elevating to become the highest and best versions of ourselves. As you know, the Collective has achieved this goal and we are elevating to higher density loving energy! Let's continue this growth, and live the life we were born to have! It is my pleasure to assist you with love, guidance and healing. I have dedicated my life to learning and perfecting these techniques, so see what sessions I'm offering below and what you are most drawn to. If you need help deciding, or have any questions, pop a message in the Contact Us message box below.

Tarot Card Deck

Psychic & Intuitive Sessions


*Psychic Tarot Reading

*Intuitive Channeling

*Akashic Record Reading


*Intuitive & Reiki Energy Healing

Sitting on Rock

Spiritual Coaching Programs

Awaken, Illuminate & Transform

Your Life!

*Power Path - 1 Hr Coaching Call

*3 Week Life Reboot

*8 Week Transformation



Happy Girl

Counseling & EFT/TFT

Primary focus: mental health, trauma, addictions, stress, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and abuse.

My Holistic Counseling uses modern clinical methods without feeling clinical. I earned my Counseling Degree in Jan 2022, so with that knowledge and my intuitive gifts, allow me to get to the root of the situation and help you to reprogram, heal, and learn to thrive in a way that is in alignment with your highest good and highest light.

*EFT/TFT (you may know by Tapping)


*NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming

*CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



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Loving Testimonials

 (Deanna)'s readings are absolutely stunning, transparent & filled with unconditional compassionate love as she relays messages that comes through spirit along with her own unique & spot on intuitive abilities. She is fully present with you, & right there with you. Truly DIVINE! I had multiple readings with (Deanna) & continue to seek out only her services as I feel safe and held in her presence. Really when asking some of the harder questions, it's not always easy to receive the guidance and clarity needed to tap into the solutions & embody the process, yet she creates a safe space with an understanding & openness that simply sets one free & vulnerability is so welcomed in this sacred space. So much growth and wisdom can be birthed & realized when we are truly seen, heard and appreciated! She provides this and much more. She is a beautiful bright bubbly soulful light that brightens the world by being herself and sharing her natural gifts. Seeking clarity? guidance? healing? soothing? Reach out to (Deanna)! 

—  Samantha Lavallee 


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