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Hello Beautiful Soul!

My name is Deanna Butcher

As an experienced psychic medium and intuitive healer, I am here to offer you empathic support and intuitive insight to navigate life's journey. My mission is to empower you to embrace your true potential and become the highest and best version of yourself. With love, guidance, and healing, let's embark on a transformative journey together

Image by Edz Norton tarot card with amethyst crystal

Psychic Tarot Readings

15 min $44   ~   30 min $88   ~   60 min $150

Why Tarot?

* Gaining Clarity Into Your Situation; Love, Relationships, Career & Finances

* Diving Into Options & Possible Outcomes When Making Decisions

* Emotional Healing & Revealing Hidden Blockages That May Be Holding You Back

* Empowering You to Take Control of Your Life


Sessions conducted over Phone & Zoom.

Tarot Party Packages

I love doing parties!

They are the perfect event for Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Graduations, Special Family Events like Reunions, so much more!

Pricing may vary depending on travel, group size and any other special requests.

Image by Valiant Made a group of friends celebrating


$40 per person

* Up to 30 min (one way) travel

* 1.5 to 2.5 hour party

* Min of 5 people. Max of 8.

Each guest will receive 15 min reading


$45 per person

* Up to 45 min (one way) travel

* 2 - 4 hour party

* Min of 5 people. Max of 14.

Each guest will receive 15 min reading


$55 per person

* Up to 1 hr (one way) travel

* 3.5 - 4.75 hour party

* Min of 10 people. Max of 14.

Each guest will receive 20 min reading

Image by Andreas ***** white library with books

Akashic Record Readings

45 min $88

Akashic Records are the energetic record of who you are; your life presented according to all possibilities that your free will allows for. It is accessible through channeling the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the records with the intent of your highest good and highest light for yourself and everyone involved.

How the records can help:
* Why you have reoccurring experiences that may negatively affect your life.

* What your lessons are and how you are going to turn them into blessings!
* How to understand the past and what is meant to teach you.

* What the possible outcomes based on what decision you make.


Sessions conducted over Phone & Zoom.

Image by Nico Frey white feathers


60 min - 75 min $350


*validation of the afterlife?

*connection to a loved one who has passed?

*receiving answers into one's passing?

*validating the choices you've made in your life since their passing?

*learning about your family history and relationships?

*validation that they are safe, loved, at peace?

*so so much more!

These sessions are typically conducted over Zoom Video or Phone, however I have made special arrangements for in person sessions and family group sessions. Please ask for your desires, I will do my best to make your session special.

Special requests may include additional fees such as travel, group rates, etc.

Reiki Treatment woman giving reiki to woman laying down

Intuitive Energy Healing & Reiki
distance healing sessions

45 min $88

Reiki is the process of aligning your energetic centers, and chakras, for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health. Reiki is directed to areas of the body with the intent of healing and releasing ailments you may be struggling with.


Although I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master, I am a Natural Healer as well.


What is a Natural Healer? I have the ability to experience what is going on in YOUR body through an intuitive process. I am able to feel issues with blood, nerves, digestive, muscles, brain function, scar tissue, emotional blockages, and more.


NOTE: I am not a physician, and I do not diagnose health issues. Simply put, I tap in intuitively and notes are to be discussed with your health practitioner to pair beautifully with your existing health plan.

Image by Sincerely Media woman happy with a red scarf

Holistic Counseling

Zoom & Phone Sessions
60 MIN $62

Get back to feeling confident, strong, safe, joyful... take back control of your life!


My sessions help clients develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances. Sometimes we need a little help sorting our thoughts and emotions as we go through breakups, job stress, financial stress, family crap lol.

Let's face it... we get it from all directions... you don't have to struggle alone!

My empathic and intuitive approach allows for understanding and compassion in a safe, non-judgmental environment where we work together to find solutions to fit YOUR experiences and goals.

Multi-Session Packages

*Package of 3 Sessions $166 (save $20)

*Package of 6 Sessions $315 (save $57)

*contact me to purchase and book your package sessions.

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Thanks for submitting!

Loving Testimonials

 (Deanna)'s readings are absolutely stunning, transparent & filled with unconditional compassionate love as she relays messages that comes through spirit along with her own unique & spot on intuitive abilities. She is fully present with you, & right there with you. Truly DIVINE! I had multiple readings with (Deanna) & continue to seek out only her services as I feel safe and held in her presence. Really when asking some of the harder questions, it's not always easy to receive the guidance and clarity needed to tap into the solutions & embody the process, yet she creates a safe space with an understanding & openness that simply sets one free & vulnerability is so welcomed in this sacred space. So much growth and wisdom can be birthed & realized when we are truly seen, heard and appreciated! She provides this and much more. She is a beautiful bright bubbly soulful light that brightens the world by being herself and sharing her natural gifts. Seeking clarity? guidance? healing? soothing? Reach out to (Deanna)! 

—  Samantha Lavallee 


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